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Incident Response and Breach Management

Time is of the essence. In the face of a client's security breach – be it ransomware or a targeted malicious attack – every moment counts. Swift action is imperative. Your internal teams must be equipped and supported by immediate access to expert assistance. Ransomware can encrypt data in mere seconds, and the exfiltration of sensitive corporate information takes only minutes.

Is7-Intel stands apart in incident response due to our unparalleled understanding of hacker methodologies. Our proficiency in remediation significantly outpaces other solutions, ensuring swift and effective resolution in critical moments.

Is7-Intel is specialized in the following services:

Our Forensic Investigation services are used for issues such as:

Digital Forensic Consulting Services

IP Theft Employee Harassment

Mobile Forensics

Public Tender or RFP Malicious Procurement Practices

High Net worth Family Extortion Investigations

Identity Theft

Various incidents necessitate forensic investigations, each demanding specialized skills. At Is7-Intel, we integrate a litigation-ready process with our offensive security teams to meticulously document every facet of our forensic procedures. This meticulous approach ensures that our analyses and reports meet stringent legal and compliance standards, regardless of the nature or complexity of the investigation.​


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