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Smart contract audits

Our auditors work with your developers to understand your project. We go line by line to secure your code, so you feel confident to push your code into the wild.

Why are smart contract audits important?

Smart contracts are self-executing agreements with the conditions of the contract directly written into code. They serve as the foundation of different blockchain applications.
But given the nature of blockchain technology, any bugs or weaknesses in the programming could have unavoidable outcomes like lost money or security breaches.


​The total amount of money hacked since 2020! : $6.35B


This Year’s current Web3 Hack Analysis

Blockchain Security Breaches

Our smart contract Audit approach:

Specification review

Our professionals gather the most information possible about your project during this phase and conduct an unbiased evaluation. This aids them in revealing the project's aims and objectives and determining the projected work's scope.

Security Audit 

The project's code will be examined, and test cases will be made, during the smart contract security audit phase. These can be carried out using either human or automated tools.


The majority of the logic in web3 projects is built on smart contracts, so it is crucial to reveal contracts that are effective enough to conserve gas, lower transaction costs, and improve project development flow. 


Following the completion of each phase, the audit team notifies the project owner of any defects and provides a plan for improvement, implementation, and repair to strengthen the business strategy for implementing and using smart contracts.

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