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SOC as a Service

For SMBs that need a higher level of security operations but need solutions that fit within their budget, SOC (Security Operation Center) as a service is an economical answer. A typical security operation center contains full-time employees who work with analysts and specialists around the clock. This is not an economical choice for the majority of small enterprises.


Our team has created a special monitoring system that automates a large portion of your company's security activities while still enabling our specialists to step in as needed. Our security reports and alerts offer a high level of assurance that you are adequately protected, and our knowledgeable staff keeps an eye on your security environment and makes necessary adjustments as needed.

There is no "set it and forget it" aspect to this method. Instead, it is a "calm down, we've got this" approach.


In order to design and implement the security incident plan to address any attack or breach, we work with you to understand your business, establish the appropriate incident response methods, and identify your fundamental security issues.

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